How 4 kids selling cookies raised $5,054

IMG_3553On Saturday afternoon, 4 kids took to Sunny Acres park to sell some homemade cookies and muffins.  Their parents had told them about the families from a place called Syria who are looking for a new home and the kids wanted to do something, so after some time in the kitchen with their parents, they went off to the park to sell their wares.

It was a bit slow going, but one parent from the neighbourhood brought his kids and got talking to Gina, the Mom who was spearheading the project to bring a family from Syria to Guelph.  He worked at the city, and mentioned that the folks at council were looking to do something about the refugee crisis, as they, like so many others, were moved by the images of families desperate to find a safe place for their families to live.  On Monday he mentioned it to a couple of the councillors, who saw this as an opportunity for the city to do something very local.

On Tuesday night at City Council, a motion passed allocating $5,000 to the group.  Here is the Tribune article about it:

Thank you to these 4 kids whose decision to do something resulted in quite a difference indeed!


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