Big Fundraising Update!

thank-youWe officially reached our goal through MCC fundraising!  There is still a small amount of funds to be raised for the family, but the ‘official’ online support form is now gone.

Our final fundraiser will be this Sunday at the Guelph Community Santa Claus Parade (in front of the Children’s Art Factory) at the corner of London and Woolwich streets.  We will have warm drinks and snacks, so bring some change!  More info regarding that later.

We would like to say hearty Thank You to everyone who helped make this happen.  The money raising portion of this project is now drawing to an end, and the real work will begin shortly.  The paperwork is working its way through the system, and we now know a few details about the family (we will share everything as soon as we can).  We will need stuff for this family, and we will soon have more details on what exactly we need more of.

Keep up with us here, or at our facebook page, and/or twitter account as we continue this journey to help one journey come to an end.


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