Family/Fundraising Update


The food is in the pantry, the beds have been566aefcc1900002400789a4c made, the internet is working, and the closets are full of clothes.  The steps have been salted and the welcome sign is sitting upright, ready to be seen as soon as the front door opens.  All the house needs is the family.  They’re coming soon.  Exactly when we don’t know.  But soon.

The funds required to bring them here was raised months ago, and thanks to the generosity of the people of Guelph, and our friends and families (and their connections), we also have enough funds to bring a second family of four.  Once the first family is somewhat settled and we feel things are comfortable, we’ll put the paperwork through for the second family to come.  More news on that later.

In the meantime, we’re busy connecting with other locals who are doing incredible things here in Guelph.  We’re learning about Syrian culture, and all the ways we can make their first year in Canada as good as it possibly can be.

We’re excited about what’s right around the corner.


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